On a scale of rarely to not at all, how much do you post?

I post  <—this much—> but I love you all <——-THIIIISSSS MUUUUCCCHHHH——->.
So I guess it’s time to kick start this blog again. I finished up my last bunch of entries with some Campus Times reviews that were leftover. Since that last post, the following things have happened:

  • Got a job working for AOL Broadband!
  • Left Homebase with a heavy heart and a tiny paycheque.
  • Wasted my first AOL paycheque on a phone, and drink and Hillbilly’s for a hot girl in the Forum.
  • Passed Semester One exams.
  • Campus Times cancelled due to dangers of being sued by angry Teacher’s Union heads.
  • Got Band of Brothers on Blu-Ray. It came in a tin. Add 1% to life completion.
  • Call Centre started to take it’s toll.
  • Bought a bicycle in March to help me lose weight. Still haven’t even gotten on it.
  • Passed my Semester Two exams!
  • Passed First Year!
  • Discovered the wonders of www.boards.ie
  • Started planning to move out.
  • Call Centre has now claimed part of my joy and happiness.
  • Started working fulltime for AOL.
  • Switched to TalkTalk.
  • Soul now 50% destroyed.
  • Chose a new house to move into.
  • Posted my first blog in months.
  • Stopped working full-time.
  • Soul 5% restored.
  • Pissed myself laughing at the funniest picture I’ve seen in months, and then won post of the day on boards.ie

6a00d8354f1fb569e2013485452b4d970cSo yeah that pretty much brings us up to speed. I have a few videogame and film reviews mulling over in my head to type up, but now that I’ve discovered the wonders of Windows Live Writer I don’t have to keep resetting my password whenever I want to log in! Which was a lot. I just saved the 8th one they sent me and I’m praying my cookies stay enabled so I don’t have to request another one.

I’m gonna go head to Geoffs now for the first time since househunting…which isn’t that long ago…sounded longer in my head. Sh’laters!


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