Avatar Review

“Fucking hell this is like live action smurfs with more sexual tension.

(For the Campus Times January Issue)

By the time this gets printed I would hope that most of you will have already listened to your friends and gone to see Avatar. I didn’t think James Cameron could actually do it. For the last year I had been hearing news about Avatar that it was going to be amazing and change cinema forever. I didn’t even get a grasp of the basic plot until three weeks before release. It just sounded like live action smurfs to me. But then I read the reviews, listened to the hype. Film of the decade. The best 3D experience out there. Sounded fairly convincing so I gave it a try, and they were all right. Avatar is amazing and is deservedly being called Film of the Year if not the decade. As I type this it’s just won the golden globe for best drama, and is catching up to Titanic to hopefully become the highest grossing film of all time.

I wasn’t going to attempt to explain the plot to Avatar because it would just take up half a page using the terms and names and whatnot. You should have at least heard an attempt at explaining it from a trailer or friend by now. But here goes nothing….A paralyzed former marine, Jake Sully, is recruited by a big corporation and travels to the world of Pandora. Pandora is inhabited by really tall humanoid-like blue skinned creatures called Na’vi. However Pandora also holds a valuable mineral or something that could solve all of earth’s problems. Now if only the Na’vi weren’t living on top of the planets largest source of it. Humans can’t breathe on Pandora, so the big company makes these ‘avatars’ of the Na’vi  for people to use to get around.  The leader of the big company’s military wing , Colonel Quaritch, makes Jake a deal. Infiltrate the Na’vi, learn their ways and convince them to leave the land, and we’ll cure your paralysis. Then while hanging out with the Na’vi he falls for one of them and you can figure out the rest.

See what I mean? And that’s all within the first half hour. I’ll try and talk about the actual enjoyment of the film now. Avatar is fun to watch from start to finish. The world that Cameron has created with Pandora just sucks you in and with 3D you really do feel like you’re there at times. Seeing this in 2D is a waste. Spend the extra €2 and go with 3D, although you might want to book it because it’s still selling out nearly every night around half 8. The battle and chase scenes here are some of the best I’ve seen in a while. The last third of the film is just one huge battle filled with massive mechs, beasts and machine guns. It’ll never beat the Pelennor Fields from LOTR but it’s a damn good effort.

It’s not without a tad few bad points however. Some parts of the film get so dramatic and intimate that I felt kind of awkward to be watching and laughed. There are even a few rumours floating around about a deleted sex scene. With Na’vi. Please Mr Cameron……no….just no. Michelle Rodriguez also seems to be a bit out of place amongst an otherwise stellar cast. She gets roughly 20 of screen time but is billed as a major character and gets overshadowed by the rest of the cast’s performances.

I suppose Avatar could be best described as a mix between Dances With Wolves and an episode of the Smurfs……yes that’s the best I can come up with. That being said, Avatar is indeed an amazing film and the best 3D experience yet. A definite must see. Just make sure you get out of the cinema before the song starts playing over the credits. Almost ruined the entire thing for me.    10/10


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  1. Audrey Kennealy.

    Have you seen it in 2D?

    January 23, 2010 at 1:36 pm

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