Jennifer’s Body Review

Watching: Law and Order SVU

Listening To: The Fratellis

Quote: ” Hey wanna play a game? Games called its the fifties and you’re a woman.” — Harley Jordan

Jennifer’s Body is kind of a dark comedy and horror film. But it’s clear the only reason anyone is going to see this is for the super awesome plot. Megan Fox stars as Jennifer Check, a possessed teenage serial killer/demon who specializes in “offing” her male classmates as her best friend ‘Needy’ tries to stop her. And by “offing” I mean she has sex with them then kills them. It sounds like the best plot for a horror film EVER…..but sadly it fails to completely take advantage of its star and premise.

Ever so slightly nsfw....

The jokes and wisecracks are hit and miss and at times you get to see that Megan Fox has a small bit of comedic flair, even though this seems to be the wrong film for her to show it off.

Dialogue is well written at times even though it’s not going to be the most important thing in a horror film. At times it ends up feeling like a B movie, rather than a horror film with an A list star. Oh yeah there’s a girl on girl kissing scene as well, did I forget to mention that? Lasts for about a minute but it rivals Cruel Intentions and that’s saying something. You’ve probably stopped reading at this point and are either on your way to buy a ticket or look up the scene online. I expected a lot from this from seeing the first trailer, as anybody would, but ultimately Jennifer’s Body fails to be scary enough or funny enough to make a great movie. Worth a look if you’re a horror fan, otherwise go rent Drag Me To Hell instead and be really scared.


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