Excerpt from July 2009

Listening to: Infamous Soundtrack (silent melody)

Watching: The Muppet’s Christmas Carol


Padraig Kirwan:”There are 10 men and 8 women in a group.To start a small company you must choose 8 men and 6 women.How many possibilities are there?”
Harely:”Why would you need 6 secretaries?”

Friday 31st July 2009

Oxegen, Harry Potter and Public Enemies

So how are you? Yes its been a good month since ive done one of those….but yno…ive been busy and stuff…

Id like to say ive done a lot during my absence but i really havent.At all.Ive lazed around the house pretending to study for repeat exams, drinking, wasting money, going to Oxegen and attending birthday stuffs. Not too bad a July if ya ask me.Ill start with Oxegen. Oxegen was nothing short of awesome. I thought it was gonna be crap, but now im definitely going back next year.The people were nice, the food wasnt half bad, and the bands were fucking brilliant.In short, Oxegen was….was….


See that nice run in i did there? Im soo trendy ;D.
Bandwise, my favourites for the weekend were either Blur or Pendulum. Blur for the performance, but Pendulum just becuase the crowd were insane. Following that maybe Fun Lovin’ Criminals for pure class entertainment. Easily recommend them to anyone. Wallis Bird was a pleasant suprise, and she’s from Wexford so kinda close to home too. Kings Of Leon were dissappointing in my view. Felt more like they just showed up to play songs, rather than perform. If that makes sense.


But yes the people there were very nice. Kinda got a sense of comradery in the morning seeing everyone waking up. Was like one massive session in someones house. Not too many fights or annoying bastards from my experience.Just a lot of people that dancing drunk like this.—>
Although i wasnt exactly Justin Timberlake meself in fairness. Even sober.

Next on the list were the cinema trips. Public Enemies was an amazing film. Although whenever Christian Bale gets angry in it, its hard to immediatly think of him shouting “WE ARE DONE PROFESSIONALLY”. Best film still out at the moment though. Just saw Taking Of Pelham 123. Ive kinda felt like thrillers are my new favourite type of film now so this was entertaining, but not as good as the original. Denzel Washington is on top form though. The man put on 40lbs for the role. Thats dedication. And the last one for the moment, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I usually see these films for one reason only. Emma fucking Watson in all her glory. And shes legal now so im allowed say it. Beyond that, i really liked the film becuase it is actually fairly creepy and dark in places. Not very loyal to the book in parts though. Half the film is a teenage rom com sadly, but you get the feeling its more or less leading up to the last film rather than a stand alone film. Fan or not, you should go see Harry Potter for one reason this summer.And here she is.


One day…..

Comic-Con 2009




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