And so it begins….again…

Listening to: Adam Ant

Watching: How I Met Your Mother Season 1

Quote:“Whenever I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” — Barney Stinson

Right so I’m switching from Blogspot to WordPress on the recommendations of a couple of people. Can I first of all just say how goddamn annoying it was to try get this all sorted out and then pick a theme i liked. Ive spent the last two hours doing it. SO IT BETTER LOOK NICE. Anyways, Ive gotten into quite a habit of expressing my opinion loudly and somewhat sarcastically, with a bit of tongue in cheek thrown in. I dont intend in stopping anytime soon (unless I stop for three months again of course).

So a bit about meself….

Born Thomas James Atkins on 21st January 1990. Currently studying Multimedia in WIT in my first year, and Im class

rep. Not as busy at it sounds. Movie Reviewer and Junior Editor of The Campus Times. Still living at home in Cherrymount, Waterford but by god I had the money I’d be out of here in no time. Fancy telly would be coming with me aswell. Theres really too much to me to try and list off favourite music and such. I just listen to everything. Shaun Of The Dead is my favourite film though, and I’ll generally watch everything but romantic comedies.

Not a sports man by any means but i’ll watch a match every now and then. Won’t even attempt to comment on Thierry Henry there. Then Federer is always losing, and Tiger Woods has about three women on the go. Gillette advertising seems to be going down the shitter anyway.

Soooo yyyeeeaaahhhh Im gonna go now cos im kinda running out of stuff to say but ill be right back every day for the next two weeks or so re-posting most of my old blogs! I’ll just leave you with this for now. GO TEAM!

"Don't close the blast your heart...."


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